Matriarch is a North American entertainment company with global reach, committed to amplifying the female voice in the creation and commercialization of meaningful, artfully crafted stories. Focused on the development, production and financing of original live action scripted and non-scripted film and TV series, Matriarch has leveraged established relationships with industry leaders in film finance, production and distribution to build a strategic launch slate of thought-provoking properties for all platforms.




Matriarch’s launch and growth plan includes investing in established and reputable 3rd party producers with fully packaged, production ready projects. Projects must meet our mandate to amplify the female voice; at the creative, commercial and executive levels. Matriarch provides structured corporate support and financial investment to producers with a proven track record of success, and with stellar referrals from our trusted partners. Through these relationships, Matriarch is able to broaden its cultural and commercial impact, and position the company for future collaborations and partnerships.


Matriarch is mandated to acquire and develop entertainment properties which amplify the female voice. We empower by featuring strong and relatable role models. We elevate the human experience to the heroic. We focus on stories of ordinary people who live extraordinary lives, and extraordinary people living ordinary lives. We aim to inspire personal, perceptual and cultural change through entertainment. We have developed a slate of thought-provoking properties for all platforms, and operate an active writer’s room to amplify.


Formed in 2021, Matriarch Entertainment has head offices in Newport Beach, California and Vancouver, Canada, which strategically situates the company to maximize domestic and international co-production opportunities in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. Matriarch’s growth plan includes leveraging project-based relationships with established 3rd party producers to create commercially viable content for the global marketplace. In the meantime, the company is working towards securing a multi-year output deal with a leading independent distributor.


NATASHA HOWES - Matriarch Pictures

Natasha Howes


With over two decades in the entertainment industry, Natasha has developed, produced, and marketed projects with Picturehouse, Origin Entertainment, Grave Pictures, 13th Day Films, Okanagan Film Commission, Salmon Arm Folk Music Society, Centre for Arts & Technology, Screen West Midlands and CopyHowes Communications. Accredited in Cultural Cinema Programming by the British Film Institute and with a Post-Graduate specialization in Film Studies from the University of Nottingham, Natasha is an art cinema authority, working at both Phoenix Arts and Broadway Cinema in the UK. She has produced and co-produced films in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe including successful features, shorts and documentary titles: The 13th Day (2009), Cosmic Origins 3D (2011), Late Harvest (2016), and FATIMA (2020).

Matriarch is an original business concept and brand devised and developed by Natasha, who plans, directs, and controls day-to-day operations of the company, and produces all creative content.

“We are rewriting the history of the world through female driven stories, content and talent.”

TERRY MCGRAW - Matriarch Pictures

Terry McGraw


Philanthropist, CPA, mother, and former employee at KPMG, Terry has served on executive boards in both fundraising and development capacities for: Sacred Heart Schools in Atherton, St.Anne School in Laguna Niguel, J.Serra Catholic High School in San Juan Capistrano, Eluna (formerly The Moyer Foundation) in Philadelphia, and for ten years at the University of Notre Dame where she graduated with a BBA in Accounting, and was instrumental in the formation of ND Women Connect. She also has a passion for mission work, and made multiple treks to Santisimo Sacramento in Piura, Peru to assist impoverished families and to help revitalize their community.

Terry controls investment, corporate structure, and company growth to ensure Matriarch is established as a premier producer of meaningful, high-quality entertainment, and overall financial gain.

“We are nurturing everyone’s gifts and highlighting the strength of the female vision. We are going beyond film into all facets of media.”

WHITNEY DODDS - Matriarch Pictures

Whitney Lyles Dodds


Whitney Lyles Dodds is an established writer, content producer, and mother with a BS in Psychology from University of San Diego. Whitney’s literary career began at twenty-six when she landed a two book deal with Berkley/Penguin Publishers. She has since released six novels and a novella, including ALWAYS THE BRIDESMAID, FIRST COMES LOVE, and PARTY GAMES. Her work has been translated into multiple languages, featured on Jeopardy, and praised in a variety of publications including Cosmopolitan, Publisher’s Weekly and Chicago Sun Times. In 2008, Whitney was featured in San Diego Magazine as one of the city’s Top 50 People to Watch.

Whitney has an acute sense of story and character, and navigates the creative vision of Matriarch and the Writer’s [Womb]Room.

“Matriarch is the future of filmmaking, bringing fresh and relatable characters to the screen, and bridging the gap for those who represent a broader spectrum of our population.”

Oxygen Media Group

John Pritchard


John Pritchard has over 25 years of experience in the investment industry. He is the founder and Managing Director of Oxygen Media Group Corp, which has acted as an advisor on North American film finance transactions since 2013. Mandates have included advisory to a Canadian investment fund that co-financed several feature films, including Fences (Paramount/Bron Studios) 2016 and Tully (Bron Studios/Sony Pictures) 2018. Since 2019, John has served as senior vice president of Capstone Asset Management, a private Canadian investment fund manager. Previously, John has held senior roles in operations, corporate development, strategy, financial product development, sales, marketing and investor relations with a leading independent Canadian investment bank and a prominent exchange listed merchant bank. John studied Administrative & Commercial Studies at The University of Western Ontario, and Project Management at Ryerson University.